Go, Go Power Rangers!

6 Apr

One of my students from last year told his mom that they had to “hire” me to make his birthday cake& cupcakes for his class this year. The theme? Power Rangers!

I thought Power Rangers were old news, but apparently they are making a come back…. However, Party City and all of the other party places in Madison do not know this yet apparently! I had one heck of a time finding some cupcake toppers for his cupcakes  tomorrow. Solution: Colored rings with some confetti-like Power Ranger cutouts stuck to them. 🙂

I’m exhausted and have to get up to teach in 4 hours but I had to post a picture of the cake. I would have been done much earlier with this bad boy, but during the first cake (yes, this is the second) I broke the middle layer when transferring it and I didn’t know if it would hold up.So I had to re-bake cakes, carve them, and then re-frost. Of course it is all worth it. My former student will be all smiles tomorrow and I am so excited to wish him a happy birthday!

Just for the record, the other cake did indeed hold up and you never would have been able to tell. Now I know!


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