Citrus Challenge

9 Jan

This month’s Iron Cupcake theme is Citrus. I have delicious key lime & killer strawberry lemon recipes that are my go-to citrus recipes… BUT I wanted to try some recipes with orange. Since it’s the new year, I thought I’d try champagne cupcakes. The straight up champagne cupcake would have been great with a strawberry buttercream, but I wasn’t a fan of the orange added in. I made two types:

Mimosa 1 (left): A champagne cupcake with orange champagne filling, topped with a light champagne buttercream. People liked these without the filling (agreed).

Mimosa 2 (right): An orange champagne cupcake with a champagne frosting. People thought these were good, but the texture was heavier than my typical cupcakes.

I will try champagne cupcakes again, but without the orange. I’ll let you know when that happens & how they taste. I had to bring my favorite Key Lime cupcakes to work the next day as well, per co-worker requests.


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