3 more cupcake contenders

30 Sep

The cupcake contest is in 2 days, and right now I have 4 coffee flavored cupcakes to choose from. Yesterday I made Pumpkin Latte cupcakes and also Hazelnut coffee cupcakes (people at work told me their fave was the hazelnut as it was filled and the pumpkin cupcake wasn’t big enough to taste the pumpkin part). Tonight I made some Tiramisu cupcakes as well as Breakfast Cupcakes.

Pumpkin Latte Cupcake: Chocolate coffee cupcake on the bottom with pumpkin cupcake on top. Topped with a coffee buttercream frosting.

Hazelnut Coffee: Coffee Hazelnut Cupcake with hazelnut filling. Topped with coffee buttercream frosting.

Tiramisu Cupcakes: Airy vanilla cupcake with a coffee liqueur glaze. Topped with a mascarpone frosting.

Breakfast ‘Cakes: Chocolate Coffee cupcake with coffee filling. Topped with maple cream cheese frosting.

I wish I had more time… I wanted to try to make a coffee red velvet and a coffee cream cheese cupcake. I’ll save those for another time!


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