Food Blogs I love

1 Jul

When I get home, after I start dinner and turn on the tv (I need the noise… preferably some Law&Order), I love to sit down and take a quick peek at all of the different food blogs I have bookmarked. Now, not all of them are gluten free blogs… but I just can’t help but stare at all the delicious baked goods that are forbidden to me (and then search for great recipes online that I can try that ARE gluten free).

Unfortunately we lost our camera charger last month and have yet to find it, which explains my lack of postings. I have been a baking fool lately (see the birthday cake I made for a 3rd birthday party below. Please excuse the quality… Darn iPhones.), as well as making some delicious eats for friends and the boyfriend. Last night…. Corn Chowder. So delicious! (Check out Rainy Day Gal’s blog below)

Okay, so here it goes. A few my favorite food blogs that you may enjoy as well (if you are as addicted to food as I am):


Cake Spy

Gluten Free Goddess


Tasty Kitchen

Rainy Day Gal



I am celebrating my 25th birthday in San Fransisco for a week- we leave tomorrow morning. I hope to take pictures of all the delicious eats we find there and post them when we return. (Hopefully we will find our camera battery…) Apparently they have quite a few gluten free bakeries that I’m hoping to find. 🙂

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